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  • I got it working, now it is all on the extruder not using the filament. Thank you very much for all your help.
  • The Repetier Server has a little monitor like icon, when I click on it, it says disconnected. I have checked all the wiring and everything is as it should be but the server doesn't register the connection.I have no problem getting host to connect, j…
  • Okay so the "offline" is the one showing when I click the little monitor icon, does this mean it is online and ready to print?The manual for the printer says the baud rate is 115200, ports are all accurate. Thank you.
  • Okay so now the issue is the server continues to show the printer off line, I have set the fire wall to allow the server and host through and have all the information on the ip address and port and so on identical. I get an image in the 3d view and …
  • So does it mater if I select Delta or Cartisian as the type of printer? I am not sure what the difference is between them let alone what my TRONXY P802MA_8 printer would be.... Thank You.
  • Slic3r was giving me all the issues, I will try CuraEngine after the SkeinForge is complete since it only has a little more to do. Thank you.
  • I uninstalled both the host and server files and installed on older version of host and server, using the skeinforge slicer program I have no errors, but does it usually take over an hour to go through the Run Job setup? The item is a small ring and…
  • I tried with the gcodes created after slicing and still get the Reading Preview Data: System.Net.WebException: The emote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse (IAsyncResult asyncResult)…
  • Reading Preview Data: System.Net.WebException: The emote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse (IAsyncResult asyncResult)at RepetierServerConnector.ServerPrint.PreviewCallBack (IAsync Resul…
  • Okay this is the server log: 2017-04-06 23:10:53: Closing websocket for missing ping2017-04-06 23:10:53: Job created: C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\Pain_in_the_ass\models/00000003_.u2017-04-06 23:10:53: Creating new model caused error Asser…
  • It is being run on a Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 7.I will look in to that. Thank you.
  • Okay let me just go this route maybe it'll help better. I am using a TRONXY P802MA printer, the printers firmware is Marlin, it has a 220mm x 220mm x 240mm print area.I set it up in the server frontend settings with that information.Have I set it up…
  • Just tried again in frontend and no I do not see the image.
  • I also seem to have a disconnected setting in the frontend  page, how can I fix this? I do apologize this is all new to me. Thank you.
  • When ever I try to load the gcode for printing in repetier host, even after uploading the gcode from frontend. Thank you.
  • Sliced and upload for printing, it is when I click the upload button from the server tab that I get the error.When I try to slice and print straight across there is no print button highlighted. Thank You.
  • I have the same problem on top of the Repetier Server Error (500).would be nice to get an answer.