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  • Oh, I figured it out!! the can was there, but I needed to "add" a cam then assign that one shown.. kinda odd way but works.. sorry!   Love Repeater Server by the way.. keep bouncing back to Octo now and then and always just prefer Rep... thanks for…
    in WebCam tab? Comment by Thomllama July 5
  • Cool, I'll relook later,.. kinda tried but couldn't find anything that would let me set it up.. 
  • I'm just going by what the message in Safari says.. is all I know at this point, don't have a lot of free time at the moment to investigate, just thought I'd throw it at ya so you'd know.  image-…
  • I didn't read through this whole conversation, but will state the Ender 6 has a known issue (shorting) with the USB and has burned up many a board, Pi, and the touch screen. I don't have one so not sure of the specifics , but I think it's actually a…
  • so.. after checking for updates.. I wasn't current, and updating it did seem to fix it! thanks for all your awesomeness!  :P 
  • I believe I am ion latest, though haven't looked in a few months LOL
  • yup.. just cloned the working SD card, imaged it to the other card, working now... kinda strange!  ?!?  
  • OK, def something with card/OS/setting/install..., took another printers PI/Repetier SD card and switched and it works fine with the other SD card/OS.  Think I'll just clone the other card, but kinda strange.. want me to copy image on card and send …
  • noting start, can't do anything PI doesn't fire up at all.. does the whole blinking light thing,.. seems to be loading/starting, but never finishes it seems, just sorta stops, why I'm thinking there is a setting I can't find where it's looking for s…