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  • Here is my configuration file - I can see there could be some improvements made, but I have used this for more than half a year.
  • I will check when I am at home on the LAN. There were no special settings needed, I only had to pay attention to the ID of the USB, because I have three printers connected to the server.
  • I can confirm that the QQ-S works flawlessly with repetier-server running on Linux Mint. I really like the options to adjust flow and speed in almost real time.
  • I understand that. This is a chinese printer where the display unit is sending GCodes to the printer from an SD card. I think it also might be disrupting the serial communication when using both the display (e.g. to set temperature or move axes befo…
  • I started having this issue as well (FLSUN printer, MKS Gen L board with Marlin 1.1.9 and TFT32) after some successful prints (identical g-code). I suspected the display. My last 4 or 5 prints failed in the middle. The head was frozen either fully (…
  • And I am sorry for hijacking this thread, I somehow thought this was about that Qrome monitor from the beginning.
  • I am sorry, we are talking about the Qrome hardware printer monitor (and its Arduino code). The latest code (3.0) has a section commented out - uncommenting a part of it helped and it now works for me - I uncommented the part that removed the header…
  • It says root size = 0 when I commented out the error handling. When I try the URL http://ip//printer/api/?a=stateList&apikey=xxx, it displays the information in the browser. But the program does not read it for some reason. This is far beyond my…
  • I have the correct API ID, I re-entered it and no change. I can select any printer and save, but still parser error. I had to change the NTP server to time.google.com to male it work, the weather worked straight away. I need to connect to the consol…
  • Mine now says that the printers are offline due to error in parsing. If a reboot does not help, it will need some debugging.
  • I put one together today, it seems to work just fine - I see things on the display and can connect to the web interface, all I need is now to print a box and test it with the server. Looking quickly at the code, I am not really sure how it identifie…
  • I am running the server on a HP T620 controlling 3 and in future 4 printers over USB. So this looks like a possible solution. I will definitely not do timelapse videos for every print, it is more likely to make one and then forget about it:)
  • I have a similar issue. The TP-Link Tapo C-200 cameras have some great features and the picture is also great, but rtsp only, there is even no http/web interface on them.  If I wanted to use the Tapo for timelapse videos, I would need to add the an…
  • So it says it has Robin as FIRMWARE_NAME.
  • Yes, that is what I thought too. Someone of FB told me it is Repetier this morning, that is why I am confused. I will post the result here later today.
  • Thanks, I will check. Edit: I actually messed up the name - it is MKS ROBIN MINI (not Rambo).
  • Thanks. Now I see where the mistake was - I had the printer connected and I was changing the settings in one profile. Now I have it correct.
  • Nice find, thanks!
  • I just found this today: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printer-Monitor-Wemos-D1-Mini-ESP8266/ Is there anything similar for Repetier Server? I am now checking the progress via mobile browser, but this would be golden. I liked Octoprint bu…