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  • Got it to work. Took just a few hours together with a friend   Would greatly appreciate if you could improve the description of your Server API a bit. Apart from serveral copy paste errors the descriptions could be a bit more specific. The working …
  • Thanks. There still seems to be an issue with the url/windows paths: If I set "folder" as "folder://I:/Uni/Hochschule/PA_Visitenkarten/CFFFP_Visitenkarte_duenn.g and look into the Errors logs I get  File not found: folder://i/Uni/Hochschule/PA_Visit…
  • I looked into the folder, If I upload files manually using the GUI they appear there, if I try to use the websocket nothing changes. Maybe it is a Windows related issue?  The full command that I am sending is (I tried making it somehat better readab…
  • Thanks for the reply. The server is running on the posting pc. I got a different response from the server, which I think means that the upload was successful (?) but I can't see where it has uploaded the files. The server logs do not contain any use…
  • I got a bit further now. I was missing [] around the files. Now it seems like the upload is sucessfull but I can't find it anywhere on the server. I am a bit confused what goes into the "folder" argument of the "importURL" command. I created a proje…
  • It worked, problem is solved.
  • Thanks a lot, will try out and report back. I indeed selected Repetier-Firmware initially.
  • I have also made a post on the dobot forum regaring this. Here is the link to avoid confusion: