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  • Another semi-solution: sudo apt-get install unclutterunclutter -idle 0 It will not hide the cursor completely - it will show at the touch point briefly and disappear.Which isn't that bad, as it gives feedback of a tap at least. Oddly enough, doing t…
  • Actually, i've just thought of a (roundabout) way to do it.Changing the cursor file to a transparent image.
  • Nope, i'm still researching a solution to that too.I did notice, however, that on UDOO it doesn't ALWAYS move the cursor at the touch point - only sometimes, i think when it detects a touch and drag. So there obviously *is* a way to do it somehow.
  • Love that idea. Just a stub version that can be modified for personal use would be enough.But regarding screen sizes - there only need to be a few of them, as screen sizes commonly in use are pretty limited - it comes down to 4", 7" and 9". Bigger s…
  • Again, very offtopic, but wanted to mention it here before i forget: Just stumbled upon a problem that was driving me crazy for 15 minutes (i thought the Due on the UDOO got fried) before i realized what's going on. If you remove a RADDS from Due fl…
  • I'm actually trying to avoid slicing on the same machine, as i usually do it in concert with tweaks in CAD, fixes in Netfabb etc. So controlling the machine locally is the only thing, with the ability to upload an already sliced gcode model to SD ca…
  • Ah! Thanks for the heads-up.Sorry for going so offtopic, but are there any plans for adding a "skin" or "theme" support? I'd like to give making  a compact touch-friendly interface a go (for 7" screens), but don't want to mess up the existing UI. A…
  • Scratch that, i just had it report a disconnect on my desktop as well (Chrome 39, Windows 8.1).Resizing the window while in Control tab triggered it.
  • I had the exact same issue.The solution is to add repetierserver to groups "intserial" and "ugpio". However, there is a different problem on the UDOO...The Control tab sometimes freezes Chromium and sometimes it causes a brief disconnect for some re…