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  • Mit der 0.94.2 beta funktioniert das Speichern.Den Rest muss ich noch testen. Vielen Dank und GrußThomas
  • Ich habe die gdb.txt als PM gesendet.
  • Ich meine, wenn ich in der Druckerkonfiguration auf "Speichere Konfiguration" klicke kommt unten keine Bestätigung "Konfiguration gespeichert" und ich komme dann nicht mehr zurück auf das Dashbord.Es hilft nur ein Reboot des PI.
  • I have tried to print the Test-Part ones again. If I start the print-job, it looks normally first. It shows very short the Comment "Prepareing Print..." and then all is done. In the Message is the Comment "Print of Test on printer Ultimaker finishe…
  • Sorry for misunderstanding. The uploading in the g-code list is working. I meant starting the print-job and the print-job itself. I look forward to the new version. Thank you.
  • I have made some tests. I have installed Ubuntu on my old Notebook and then Repetier-Server Debian amd64 0.50.3. The connection with Ultimaker is ok, but there is the same error like on the raspberry with the Upload. I have also installed Repetier-H…
  • I have made a small Test-part with G92 E0 enabled. It is not loadable by me. I have put it on Dropbox, because it is too long to paste here.
  • Here are the first lines of the gcode. ; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(TM) Version 2.2.0 ; Jan 6, 2015 at 6:09:40 ; Settings Summary ; processName,Process1 ; applyToModels,Kabelklammer ; profileLabel,ABS_rot_245.fff ; printMaterial, ; p…
  • I have installed a new raspbian with only the 0.50.3 on it. Ok. It´s better now. I have taken out the "Allow zeroing of extrusion distances, G92 E0" from Simplify3D. The print is ready with some stops. But I have also cut out the comments to upload…
  • 0.50.3 is working. But now, I have always errors in connection and the print break down after some minutes. The gcode made with Simplify3d can´t be loaded. I have first to cut out the comments in the files.
  • Thank you for clarifying.
  • BTW You wrote we should install the armel: libc 2.13 like on Raspberry-PI Raspian. It´s ok., but all others I´m install on my Raspberry-PI Raspian are armelhf. I don´t know what is different.
  • Very good. I´m looking forward to test the 0.50.3.
  • I have an Ultimaker 1 with Marlin. On my Raspberry is "2014-12-24-wheezy-raspbian" installed. The OctoPrint works on Port /dev/ttyACM0 at 250000 and 115200 baud rate. On Repetier-Server I have set the same Port and the 115200 baud rate. Autodedec…