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  • Is there any chance of getting the C value in the normal firmware (not V2), as that is the only thing that is missing.
  • We have the same setupwith the following settings #define EXT0_JAM_PIN      FILAMENT_CONTROL_PIN #define EXT0_JAM_PULLUP   true #define JAM_METHOD 1#define JAM_ACTION 1#define JAM_STEPS 160 #define JAM_SLOWDOWN_STEPS 210 #define JAM_SLOWDOWN_TO 50 #…
  • Octoprint remembers the last set value, until you refresh the page, or enter it from a different computer.As the settings can be changed on the lcd of the printer itself, Octoprint probably does not store the value it sent.
  • We do not have an LCD. Well we have a 22"touchscreen on the machine that shows Octoprint.That same octorprint is shown at home and in the office. So at some point we may have changed speed or flow, but do not know what it was. So when I check from …
  • EEPROM_MODE 2 worked. Thanks !
  • I mean 20 is the maximum value. If we set it to 60, it still only goes to 20.So if we set this value at 60. then set the extruder to 200, it will start doing its PID thing at 180, not at 140.
  • Does the PID_CONTROL_RANGE  have a max value of 20 ? As we do not seem to be getting any higher values.If so, please document this in the firmware.Is there any way to increase this over 20?
  • Repetier said: What I'm unsure about is the housing thermistor. What is the sense here. Is it somewhere where chamber heats it up as well so to prevent additional heat at some safety point you disable the heater? Yes, correct, a safety p…
  • Our setup  for heated chamber is:- a Heater- a fan that blows the air into the chamber (preferably goes on when temp is set, goes to xxx% when temp is reached and off when temp is disabled)(done manually at present) - a thermistor for the chamber -…
  • Found it already, it will come in V2. Any ETA on V2?
  • Aah, you are talking about the server application. I was wondering if this will also come to the repetier firmware?We now have an extra extruder setup as chamber temperature, but that will of coarse not generate the C value for the M105 command.
  • Repetier said: That's good. Have modified my firmware to produce similar output for testing. Will be included in 0.86.0 if you enable heated chamber in extruder tab. Has this been implemented, as I can not seem to find it.