Arduino/RAMPS controllers running a larger CNC gantry 600 x900x120mm - otherwise used for CNC routing.


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  • All, Problem solved. Hopefully this will help others who are using DXF imports into Inkscape to generate laser engraving. Richard
  • Dear Repetier, I think I have a clue - the Inkscape line that is excessively repeated has an excessively complex path, with many segment repeats. The lines were created by importing a DXF into Inkscape. I'll see if I can find a way to simplify the p…
  • EUREKA!It was that old bugbear, crosstalk with the (optical) endstop signals randomly triggering "I have hit a travel limit" - which, of course stopped travel on that axis. It just happened to be Y that had the greatest sensitivity to the issue.Than…
  • I've spent a couple more hours trying your suggestions. No joy.Reliably, if I execute:      G0 F1800 X90 Y80part way (differs exactly where) Y pulses simply stop and don't resume, i.e. the movement changes from a diagonal to a straight X traverse.Al…
  • Thanks.With STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY, the min clock is 10uS on my drivers.  I'll reduce it to the minimum to reduce the wait loops.With the slow travel speeds, the max pulse rate is only 2500Hz.I only recently added the double step delay, so I'll try some…