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  • Hello, now it is works.By the command :~$ sudo adduser dialout then with restart it was possible to connect finally the program Repetier-Host to the 3D printer Again many thanks for the support BrFederico
  • Hello again, first, I changed bit rate, e.g. 115200 or other but no improvement noted.Then, I tsarted the AppImage program from the terminal and attached the messages generated after running the program: ---------------------------------------------…
  • Hello, thanks for the prompt reply.My linux is of course 64bits, furthermore I had no problem with an old version of Repetier-Host :-( I will check it and then I wil inform you if that works BRFederico
  • Hello, just for your information.The AppImage 2.2.4 version of Repetier-Host works now and quite well. Ok, to be honest, the AppImageLauncher works but sometime with some problem, anyway the program  Repetier-Host can run Many thanks for the suppor…
  • Hello, many thanks for the prompt reply. I will check it (not immediately, I need a bit time), in case I will be back in this forum BRfederico
  • Hello, finally I was able to run the program :-) For you and other people interested in installing this program on Debian 9 (stretch), the following packages must be installed: - build-essential - mono-complete - monodevelop - mono-reference-asse…
  • HI, i have just checked your list again, i.e. build-essential mono-complete libmono-winforms2.0-cil monodevelop libmono-system-serviceprocess4.0-cil All of the packages are available except the libmono-winforms2.0-cil. Suggested is to substitute …
  • Hello, sorry for late feedback, but I am ill at them moment. I have checked all of available libmono packages (around 62) under Debian, below reported: Package libmono-2.0-1     stretch (stable) (cli-mono): Mono JIT library (Default version)     …
  • Hello, yesterday I tried to install the program repetierHost 2.0.5. Unfortunately there is some kind of problem. Just attached the report after executing the script configureFirst.sh (I removed some text in german or translated from german to engl…
  • Hi, many thanks for the feedback. At coming weekend I will try to install the 2.0.5 version. I will keep you informed, I think this info could be useful also for other users... Bye Federico