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  • That did it. Thanks!
  • Repetier said: That is a problem in 1.0.1 that it sends M205 without line number. I have teached next version 1.0.2 to not do that for repetier-firmware, then it will work again. Will be released in a few days. Thanks!
  • Here's a larger chunk of one of the logs. I have others, but they are all the same more or less < 17:33:17.971: N14192 M105> 17:33:17.980: ok T:200.9 /200.0 B:60.3 /60.0 B@:27 @:0< 17:33:17.981: N14193 G1 X128.841 Y54.047 E1022.77426> 1…
  • I've been out of town but I will. I can send you the entire log if you like. The frequency isn't periodic. There is a particular slice of a particular STL that is relatively long: N14409 G1 F1800 X101.015 Y104.975 E1038.84601 The line number varies…
  • Well, it isn't that simple. With buffer set to 127 or 63 I do get the problem with or without ping pong. If I set the buffer lower it does work. I haven't dug into the code to theorize about why because I agree, I figured I had to have at least the…
  • Well, I didn't mean change your API. However, it seems like most of the tools that send sliced files to the Octoprint API are only using a few requests/responses so I was thinking more of just allowing that to be turned on as an alias to the existin…