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  • my acceleration settings: #define DOUBLE_STEP_DELAY 0 // time in microseconds #define MAX_ACCELERATION_UNITS_PER_SQ_SECOND_X 1000 #define MAX_ACCELERATION_UNITS_PER_SQ_SECOND_Y 1000#define MAX_ACCELERATION_UNITS_PER_SQ_SECOND_Z 1000 #define MAX_…
  • Today I printed a Cube 20x20x20 mm with a Skirt and as you suggested printing is smooth.
  • I printed from SD Card, no computer connected
  • thank you, but I already tried to lower delta segments, unfortunatelly I cant increase cache size from 16, because of memory limitations. At the moment I dont have Due and Radds Combination. Stuttering is the most obvious if I load Gcode generated i…
  • thank you
  • no the switch on the probe is Mechanically defect, yesterday it was OK but Today it is not.  
    in Delta G32 S2 Comment by novio8 October 3
  • It was the Z probe, strangley the probe is defect thanks
    in Delta G32 S2 Comment by novio8 October 3
  • effector move to first point and stops above cca 20 mm above bed error message < 06:54:56: X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:279.700 E:0.0000 < 06:55:00: Error:z-probe triggered before starting probing. < 06:55:00: Error:Probing had returned errors - aut…
    in Delta G32 S2 Comment by novio8 October 3
  • Hi again, I"v made the changes but now G32 S2 sonly starts homing and then stops G30 test shows that probe is working Bellow is my Configuration file /*     This file is part of Repetier-Firmware.     Repetier-Firmware is free software: you ca…
    in Delta G32 S2 Comment by novio8 October 2
  • so these are my Values:< 20:02:38: EPR:3 816 20.000 Z-probe X1 [mm] < 20:02:38: EPR:3 820 20.000 Z-probe Y1 [mm] < 20:02:38: EPR:3 824 160.000 Z-probe X2 [mm] < 20:02:38: EPR:3 828 20.000 Z-probe Y2 [mm] < 20:02:38: EPR:3 832 100…
    in Delta G32 S2 Comment by novio8 October 1