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  • I was able to continue to fiddle around with it the settings some more and get everything connecting fine; now the problem is just that it appears my Z axis is backwards (pressing up goes down, pressing down goes up), but I think that's just some se…
  • Also @MartinH - I am using Marlin firmware
  • Ok so ignore the last two posts I put up (since I apparently can't edit or delete them). I can connect to the printer using a serial connection and control the printer manually from there. On my Repetier Server, I can connect the server to the print…
  • Although now I am getting a repeating error:"Exception during the socket read: Too many items in the combo box." When I connect to my server, is gives me the option to select the new one I've added, as well as the old printer setup I deleted (gave t…
  • Well I don't know what was goofy in there, but I deleted the printer from Repetier everything, and then readded it, and sent new firmware. I did this like three times and it's working now. Probably user error somewhere >.>
  • I can successfully push firmware onto my board from Marlin on my laptop, but when I try to Activate the printer in the Server it fails, and then of course that means that I can't do anything with the printer via my Repetier-Host either. I've confirm…