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  • That is great. Thanks a lot. Waiting for SD option. Meanwhile I will try Repetier-Server option.
  • But I think it is not a bad option if we use Arduino's EEPROM to store the current state of gcode of the print job and update and store the state in real time in eerrom alongwith the 3d printing job running. And whenever the power goes off and when …
  • Yes battery backup method is good. It will use a pin on Arduino for the detection of the presence of main power and whenever the power goes off the 3d printer's system goes into pause. And when the power came again it start printing again. But in th…
  • does the Resume on power Failure function is added now in Repetire Firmware...??? Now Marlin has also included this feature...
  • Maybe there is a way if we store every new GCODE line in a file on SD card when it sends to 3D printer... So every time new GCODE command will be sent it will be saved in SD card and at the end of print that file will be removed from SD card. Now if…
  • Thanks for your support. :-)
  • try VNC-Server. in SSH connection try this command: vncserver :1  More information: