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  • Cool I was feeling dumb because I couldn't get any output. Sounds like you caught it before the big crash. I thought it was interesting that the only printers that went to the unknown state were the ones running Repetier Firmware.
  • I am on a Linux PC now .... I did update the process id and the response was no file or directory found. I apologize for not digging into it I had a lot to do on the printers at the time. Mint Linux  Operating systemDebian Linux 9.0Kernel and CPUL…
  • I also saw it on the Linux install but not as prevalent, I tried to get the debug info as described but the commands didn't work. I didn't take the time to figure out what was wrong, I had a long list of prints to finish.   Mint Linux  Operating s…
  • I had the best intentions regarding getting you the dump from my PI 3. It crashed ate one of my licenses and generally made me mad. I am done playing with the PI for a bit. I set the server up on a Linux box and am enjoying the horse power it has. H…
  • I have seen this problem a few times on my PI 3, I am not using the repetier image, I installed it on the PI running Raspberian. I have been watching the forum to see if anyone else has had it happen to them. It seems to happen after a print job has…
  • Using the Z axis stepper and the E0 stepper works. I know the E1 socket is functional, I used it for the z axis while testing things. Not sure why Z axis and E1 doesn't work together but using E0 will work for me. Thank you for your help, making a d…