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  • Turns out I finally fixed this, it had Nothing to do with the baudrate, the power supply of my raspberry Pi was faulty and failed to fill the buffer for some reason probably because not enough power to the USB ports.Thanks for the help anyway, now e…
  • Hi, yes I use the davinci form of repetier, so you're saying I should just change the connection baud, nothing to change in the printer's eeprom right ?
  • Hi, yes that's what I tought, So my printer is a XYZprinting Davinci 1.0A, which has a Arduino Due microcontroller if I understood correctly. The baudrate I use is 230400 which works fine on repetier Host and octoprint,but I also yried different one…
  • Hi, so I started a print and downloaded the log, I noticed for exemple on layer 14 it had the problem,I also pulled the connection log if you need it: Thanks
  • Sorry I'm kind of new to repetier, how can I enable and access logs on repetier server ? Thanks
  • Hi, I'm having the exact same problem on my DaVinci 1.0A flashed with repetier 0.92, I'm trying to run it with a fully up to date raspberrry 3, but the buffer keeps dropping to zero every few seconds, as well as the temperatures keep showing zero ev…