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  • I see. I've corrected that and now it works.Stange, that 0.92 didn't mind about these coordinates. Thank you!
  • I tried to tweak the the infoscreen a little but i didn't find where the graphics on the infoscreen are defined.i know now how to change the displayed text but where are the graphics?
  • I've done some more investigation: There seems to be a problem with the python script i used. This one didn't work with the printer connected: import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time import os from subprocess import call GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM)GPIO.setup…
  • Looks like you have some major issues with your printer. Maybe you want to load a firmware made by zonestar and see if that works. They've just uploaded a video to explain how that works. You can find the zonestar firmwares in the download link they…
  • Hi Repetier, You're right, i've switched the controller ids... And yes the pins are somewhat the same as for RAMPS. Just keep in mind that, to use the GLCD on ZRIB, two crossed over 10 Pin cables have to be used! Thank you for adding my additions. I…
  • Yes, that was my first thougt as well. Unfortuneately the router provided by my isp (swisscom) doesn't support mac binding.
  • Hi, I successfully implemented your code. Tanks for the guide! But I'm still wondering what the "MENU_Z_PROBE_COUNT "  in uimenu.h is up to...Could you please explain that? Thank you