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  • I found the problem, when I was looking over everyting to make sure my solder joints were correct I look up the pinnouts to and I found out that the header pins for my ribbon cable are on backwards then I got looking it looks like they make 2 versio…
  • I finally had the time to switch my board over to the arduino 2560 that I have and it definitely was the KFB2.0 causing the problem perfect circles now.
  • Yes the current is set right I used my meter to set it with I only have the problem on round objects I printed a small ball which lets you really see the problem.
  • I have been looking at the part with a magnifying glass and the deviation in the print during a circle is every 1/4 of the way around the circle I have a complete arduino and ramps 1.4 that I'm going to try before buying the 32 bit board just to see…
  • Yes I looked at the gcode on a website called the file looks ok. That's not the bottom its the top I had ironing turned on in cura.  I have tightened the belts tighter than I think they should go still having the same problem.  I am begging…
  • I am using a KFB2.0 3D printer controller board which is ramps 1.4 I was having the same issue for where I had to have my extruder 2 hooked to my fan port to use the second extruder.  I have found out that if you change in pins.h for the ramps 1.3 w…
  • Confirmed that was the problem it had files in the folder even though it wasn't showing anything in the queue.  I'm going to just make it when I reboot my server it will auto delete anything in that folder before the server starts up.
  • When I looked the first time today I did not see this topic Repetier-server no printing, but manual worksI followed the instructions in this topic and I belive that this was my problem will not know 100% until after my printer gets done and I can ho…
  • I mean every time I try to print it will change to the manual control screen but doesn't start printing so then I switch back to the server screen and it shows the printer as paused.  When I reboot the server it will show it as ready until I try to …