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  • Repetier said: With 1.0.4 the ram usage is bigger I think than in 0.92 as it has more functions. Make sure that you have around 1000 free bytes of ram (ide shows free ram after compilation). If there is not enough free ram you overwrite value…
  • Repetier said: It is  #define ENDSTOP_X_BACK_MOVE 5 #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_MOVE 5 #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_MOVE 5but 5mm is normally enough I think. You might try 10mm to be safe side especially on mechanical endstops there is a kind where tr…
  • The homing error is on 0.92.   It has been working before.   It would first hit the endstops, go down 5mm and hit it again and will settle to 15mm (back_on_home).    I saved the configuration.h before I tried to reverse the steppers. When the homin…
  • This is the one I used before.  It was working fine.   But this time when I recompiled, the homing error occured.  Configuration.h >
  • Repetier said: Do you have a back move to untrigger end stops for second test? That is a newer addition that you need to untrigger all end stops after first trigger or homing fails. Since you see that message it might only be that then, now t…
  • Repetier said: Did you use INVERT_X_DIR or did you change homing dir? Only the first one is supposed to work correctly. I checked INVERT_*_DIR for all towers (was unchecked previously).  I did not change homing dir.
  •  I just found out it's an Arduino IDE 1.8.13 bug.  I was able to fix it using the ones described in the arduino forums.
  • Use G33 instead of G29 for  firmware > 0.92
  • Thank you.  I replaced the thermistor and now everything is fine.
    in dac error Comment by boksbox July 2016
  • Your measured values are really bad - I guess you have not 11mm difference in bed tilt? First#define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 1 should be more 20 or even more for deltas as any small xy move could trigger endstops at top otherwise. Reduce z length acc…
  • I had trouble at first when I did G32 S2 and then straight to G33.  My prints were always thicker by around 0.2+mm I had to redo everthing again but now I noticed Zmax height changed to wrong height(approx. 0.2+mm higher than actual) after autoleve…
  • Same thing happened to me.  Instead of G29,  use G33 to do bed distortion correction.  It will do the correction matrix and correct it and save to eeprom automatically. More details here >…
  • Thanks for the help.   I will check in the host next time it happens.  I think my thermistor is getting faulty.  I've ordered new ones.  
    in dac error Comment by boksbox June 2016
  • There would be a beep when it happens.
    in dac error Comment by boksbox June 2016
  • I'm sorry, I meant "dec"  error.   The hotend temperature on my LCD display says "dec" then the heater shuts down.  The final display would be  "dec/ 0".  I have to reboot the arduino then start over.
    in dac error Comment by boksbox June 2016