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  • Hi, easiest way is to try slic3r and see the result. i guess it is a printer (calibration) problem, did you see this?
  • I have hassio and repetier running, so i can test too.
  • There must be a mail from mycommerce your key is in that mail. If not, set up your best smile and wait for repetier to answer
  • Ok, sometimes its better to stop and do some other things. Driving home today from work with this answer in my mind i suddenly saw the light I forgot i made some changes to my Y axis, Y home is 0 now, before it was -7. Probe offset Y is 21mm... Pro…
  • Well checked it, EXTRUDER-IS-Z-PROBE IS set to 0. It looks like my problem is in the points it want to probe. When i start bed leveling, Z lowers to x-mm to the bed, here it is supposed to lower the probe-arm. But before it lowers the arm in consol…
  • oh man *facepalm* that's why i have all the trouble with probing. I spend hours to get my z-probing right after i changed some things at my printer. I overlooked it in the settings and have never thought about that. I get back to you with the result…
  • I had the same problem with slic3r, not printing support but making the moves. Other object same settings the support was very difficult to remove. Although i prefer Slic3r for my prints, i switched over to Cura when i print with supports
  • Hi googliola. Software Powerswitch does work in repetier server 0.86.2 and host 2.0.1. Is the right pin configured in configuration.h?
  • Works, tnx
  • Good job, tnx. Another problem solved, waiting for the next updtae
  • Great, let me know when you need more information
  • Well, I still don't know what the problem was. But it looks like the Windows Creators update solved the problem.
  • Well, the problem is i couldn't save the gcode because host is not responding after the slicing. So i diabled filament visualisation and saved the gcode. Imported this to another laptop and it showed me the preview. After this i enabled filament vis…
  • Yep, thats exactly what i mean. Reproduced it again this morning, what i did; Checked the settings again and found a wrong setting, 0.2mm layer height with 150% first layer wont work with a 0.4mm nozzle. So made it .35mm. Tried again.....still fr…
  • Hmmm, did that check, with approximately the same settings. Results; Cura(working) 114350 lines Slic3r (freezing laptop) 95166 lines Slic3r (Other. PC) 129464 lines So i think its not about the ammount of lines. Cura generates more lines. How do …
  • Well, it is definitely a memory problem but it takes more than 50% of the total memory. During the slicing it takes around 50MB, total with FF and Comodo running thats 39% total memory usage. The last thing i can read before freezing is repetier is…
  • Yeah, stupid me, realised that after posting
  • Autoupdate to 0.80.3 still won't work for me. Looks like it downloads and give me the text "update info read...Update file loaded and verified.." after that it drops the connection and never come back. Didn't do a manual update in case you want to t…
  • sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierInstaller   Gives me; RepetierInstaller V1.0 (C) 2015 Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG Repetier-Server 0.80.1 Configuration file not found at Please use config option with correct path
  • Not sure if it helps for a PI-cam but my cam (old laptop cam) only works in YUV mode and without the resolution set (-r 640x480) When i set resulution i get the MJPEG-streamer page without the camstream.…
  • Thanks! I will wait for the next update.
  • Seen it in the docs of a older version: under printer control-->control
  • did that already but i have seen the button in screenshots of earlier versions, so i wonderd if it was just me missing the button.