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  • Okay, i will try that. Thanks a lot for your help.
  • I mean over the RPI not over the printer. I would like to see the temp. on the web server and on the Touchscreen.
  • one last question, is it possible to add a DS18b20 temperature sensor to monitor the enclosure temp. and turn a heater on and off? 
  • Now I have changed the Mainboard to a skr mini e3 v2, loaded the ender firmware with other dimension on it and now it works perfectly. But thanks for your help.But now I have a other question, is it possible to load gcode form a network drive, for e…
  • The Processor is a STM32. 
  • In that case I had nothing else open except Visual Studio Code. The right port was also selected. I can imagine that the motherboard is somehow locked? Maybe that's also the reason why the RPi with repertie server can't access the printer?
  • i have tried to upload a new firmware, buck I can't get a connection between platform.io and the printer. Any ideas? 
  • The problem with me is that the Pronterface doesn't reply to me at all about the firmware version. I haven't printed anything via pronterface yet, but I can imagine that it will run without any problems because I can move the printer and control the…
  • Here is a picture of the info tab from the printer. 
  • I am also very surprised that I can control the temperature and movement in Pronterface, but cannot send / receive commands.
  • Firmware Version is V2.15 13:12:37 Nov 22 2018
  • Here is a picture of the commands I have already tried in Pronterface and the feedback
  • Have tested all RTS and all DTR positions with all ports that the RPi showed me. He always said connected and then came the error message that the firmware is not the right one.Why can Pronterface read the temperatures and control the printer and th…
  • Have just looked after the commands. The current temperatures are displayed in Pronterface and I can also control the printer. If I send the M18 S200 or control commands, it also executes them, but gives me no feedback in the console, just like the …
  • If I ignore this message, it connects, but fails the ping pong test.and when i leave the settings, it shows me that the printer is connected, but i can't see any values or control any movement.I'll try M115.