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  • Repetier said: This is currently not possible, only Monitor solution as intermediate. BTW: In Monitor you can open server gui without logging in from any printer, so anything missing there is available with opening the regular gui from monit…
  • Repetier said: Put it in "run on printer activation" event dependent g-code, then it is available when printer is active even if it is not connected. You sure about that? - i need this to work on all printers, i remembered that i could add…
  • i know about the repetier server monitor, but it would be easier if you could add "remote" printers on another instance from another repetier server, either over lan or wan. Repetier monitor does not have the abiliti to run/edit or add projects
  • Repetier said: Actually since 1.4.2 this can be written with our programming language. Trick is using @sendToPrinter slug commandSends command to the printer with given slug name. That way you can execute command sin the context of another pr…
  • Repetier said: Sounds correct. Port 80 is for web gui with browsers and if there is no other port only usb would be possible. There is indeed no other ports, just like the mini... i just talked to prusa, they said it was on the roadmap to …
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode May 22
  • Just got some printers delivered. Portscans shows only port 80/TCP open. nothing else. No connection as of right now available for TCP uplink, so same limitations as the Prusa Mini unfortunately 
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode May 22
  • Repetier said: No unit so far. But will be glad for any feedback once you have it. Test first with usb until it works. Same settings should work with tcp if it is a put through telnet like port. Maybe use a portscanner to see all available po…
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode May 20
  • Repetier said: > I just got confirmation from Prusa, that the MK4, indeed supports Printing over USB, on a USB C connection, they told me that software like Octoprint etc. would need an update to work. Ok that is already good news. Probabl…
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode May 17
  • Repetier said: We are trying to get hands on a test device at the moment. Announcement says it uses Buddy Firmware which is same base as Pruse Mini which works with usb, so I assume for now that this is at least a way that works. With our cu…
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode March 30
  • And even if the the printer supports direct printing on USB from repetier, are the dev team going to look into implanting wireless connection to printers, to remove the hassel of cables/wires and USB hubs?  
    in Prusa MK4 Comment by zekcode March 30