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  • No, still can't load anything to the board and keep getting this message, I don't understand this problem, what's missing? Bootloader file specified but missing: I:\RamboBSP169\arduino-1.6.9\hardware\rambo\avr\bootloaders\stk500boot_v2_mega2560.hex …
  • OK Problem identified; please put this in the FAQ section for future reference. Pin 8 (heated bed) will always be on if you cross the polarity of the wires from the PSU! Also, don't let students do your wiring without checking it afterwards.  Thanks…
  • I just uploaded Marlin firmware to see if anything changes, NO! still the same situation. So it must be a hardware issue? is there something in the boards that will cause this constant power on state? Any clues? Thanks ToolUser
  • Seems that I have power constantly on at digital pin 8 (heated bed connection) its showing 11.8 volts, have disconnected all fans and looked for anything relating to D8 in the firmware but don't see anything, any further ideas? ToolUser
  • thanks for that docpayce the board is a Arduino Mega 2560 with the 1.4 RAMPS, I will check this out when I get back to it later today.
  • Fixed all my problems, I used a thin metal plate with tape over it on the hot bed, bad idea! the metal dissipates the heat quicker than the heating element can supply enough heat and firmware trips out the bed.  Second issue was I moved the power su…
  • No!  spoke too soon.  Problem reappears, heated bed keeps dropping out during heating, have changed DECOUPLING_TEST_MAX_HOLD_VARIANCE 20 as far as 120 and makes no difference, am now getting  " Error Temp:  raised too slow. Rise = 0.38 after 31049ms…
  • Ok, problem solved, had to increase #define DECOUPLING_TEST_MAX_HOLD_VARIANCE 20  to 40 to maintain heat balance on heated bed, also made deflector for end of fan cowling to deflect airstream away from hot end. Seems to be working fine, Thanks .
  • Thanks for that, I found that the fan is working correctly from the settings, when it operates the bed temperature drops slowly to 105 C and then shuts down the print, I would not have thought that a small fan (40x40mm) could have such a large impac…
  • Not very helpful, do you sell the book "Firmware for Dummies"? Used the firmware configuration tool on the Repetier website and tried every different variation of SD Card reader until one worked for me. Simples!
  • OK, so how does this script from pins.h below relate to the definitions in configuration.h above? #define SDPOWER            -1 // -1 default setting #define SDSS               53 #define ORIG_SDCARDDETECT      49
  • Ok,Changed #define SDSUPPORT 0 to 1, so how does that relate to pins.h as shown below? #define SDPOWER            -1 // -1 default setting #define SDSS               53 #define ORIG_SDCARDDETECT      49
  • Right, found them, microscopic metal thingies with adjustment by cross point screwdriver. Only found them with aid of large magnifying light. Thanks for the help.
  • I don't believe the Mega 2650 board has poti to control voltage output, its in the software (unless I am wrong about this) So where in the Repertier firmware can I find code for changing stepper motor current?
  • Problem Solved, If Y axis is working normally why not apply the same firmware parameters to X axis? It Works!  Now to solve a few more problems....
  • Motor is enabled when manually moving to home position but endstop does not activate. If it is moving away from home then endstop functions normally. X axis will not home at all but Y and Z axis do. Any ideas?
  • This is what I get, please tell me why x axis is not homing, please note endstops have not hit as there is nothing touching.19:40:23.461 : endstops hit: x_min:L x_max:L y_min:L z_min:H 19:40:29.430 : N16 M105 *48 19:40:29.618 : N17 M119 *60 19:…
  • No useful data in log,20:07:59.346 : start 20:07:59.346 : Info:External Reset 20:07:59.362 : Transformation matrix: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 20:07:59.362 : Free RAM:4437 20:07:59.581 : N1 M110 …
  • OK, found it! large type icon at top of screen, will check data and get back to you with details, thanks.
  • Tried M119 3 days ago and got zero results which is why I sought confirmation of code string and output. Have tried again and get zero results (nothing, zip, zilch, etc.) so to toggle log, where have they hidden the log, how do I find it?
  • OK found that, but what is the correct command line and where does it display results?
  • So how do I do that as I have been through the examples and can't find anything that looks like running M codes?