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    in E0 Temp ? Comment by gorf25 January 2018
  • I have just noticed when i send a g28 to home when i looked at the lcdit shows that z is 901 not sure why i have the z length set at 313.00 one it hits the home z changes to 313and if i do a g1 z0 it stops paper thin from the bed..and getting other …
    in E0 Temp ? Comment by gorf25 January 2018
  • Can't seem to get things going correct..I calibrated the print bed z center and a b c corners are all goodWhen i print its way off the printer moves to what it thinks is at 5.0 above bed after the heaters have heated but it is only half way down to …
    in E0 Temp ? Comment by gorf25 January 2018
  • tried that it didn't work software thinks it disconnectedtried two different boards and sensors don't think its that most likely it's something i can't figure out in the firmware.Gary
  • I got the hot end heating up ok now.. heated to 180 and held ok..Now I can't get past 45 on the hotbed so guess I will keep plugging away at it.Thanks gary
  • I went and added a driver to E1 and reconfigured the software I can now move the extruder motor so I assume there is a problem with the ramps or Arduino at least as far as for E0 output..Thanks gary
    in eeprom ? Comment by gorf25 December 2017
  • new problem dried pid audotune set at s200 the hotend reached around 80 stays there for a min or so then error's out when I try to heat it normal it reaches 60 and errors out and takes a long time to reach the 60.. Any suggestions tried two differen…
  • tried the m302 s1 said cold fusion enabled but still no movement would it make sense to attach my config file or at least the heated parts.. Gary
    in eeprom ? Comment by gorf25 December 2017
  • it did heat up but when the print started I got the message on the lcd screen def/ bedheater or something close to that.then both heaters shut down but the printer keep running till the end, the hot end and bed are new first time heating up.I will t…
    in eeprom ? Comment by gorf25 December 2017
  • Have another question I have E0 setup for the extruder motor, I can't get the motor to move, tested the motor on X axis and it worked put in a new driver and it locks the motor on e0, but can't get it to go anywhere checked the eeprom setting and do…
    in eeprom ? Comment by gorf25 December 2017
  • Thanks got it working now..
    in eeprom ? Comment by gorf25 December 2017
  • I thought that might be the problem...So what do you do to check if the temp match's what the sensor is reading ?.Thanks gary 
  • can't figure that part out I point my digital thermometer at the hot end and its highest reading was around 55%cI tested the digital thermometer at the oven and it went right up to 260 so I assume it wasn't thatif I took a piece of the pla and touch…
  • what I tried is I turned on the system it was reading 25%c I took my wife's hair dryer pointed at the sensor it went up to around 68%c and seemed to be holding there.. I have a bed heater and sensor also but don't thing its reading the wrong one and…
  • sorry meant 250000 double checked and its set at 250000... gary
  • Guess I am miss understanding the video it looked like to me after you moved the axis down to the rod and had all 3 at the proper spacing with the rod then a m321 was sent it looked to me like the 3 axis homed and you where setting the proper xyz he…
  • thanks got it working ended up usingstd::cout.precision(4);   cout
  • A corner x= -86.6025 A corner y= -50 B corner x= 86.6025 B corner y= -50 C corner x= 4.66906e-012 C corner y= 100That worked fine I used a radius of 100 the only incorrect value was the C corner x should  = 0Thanks for you helpgary
  • not sure where 131 came from I used g321 as explained in the video from the  probing  doc's on web siteit said to turn off 1 motor at a time and put a rod to the frame and move down the axis to the rod and do each onethen sent a g321... but with the…
  • I read the z-probe file on main websiteI turned on eeprom now, but if I send a g321 I get no movement do I need to enable probing also?.thanks gary
  •   double x_theta = 210,y_theta = 330,z_theta = 90;   v->A_towerx = build_radius * cos(x_theta);   v->A_towery = build_radius * sin(x_theta);   v->B_towerx = build_radius * cos(y_theta);   v->B_towery = build_radius * sin(y_theta);   v-&…
  • forgot does probing need to be on? and I don't have a probe installed on printer. thanks gary
  • an example is I think if I use 100 for the radius the z corner c tower should be x 0 y 100but with the math I entered in the c program the x 0 is coming out way off and so is the y.so I assume my math calculation is not correct just looking to see i…
  • thanks so there is no software setting for the offsets, only eeprom. yes its a delta.ok I had eepron turned off trying to get the corners and center calibrated before Isent the settings to eeprom but will change my approach to the problem, this is m…
  • what I am trying to do is get the correct travel to the a b c towers to do the paper test in each corner.as far as I know I only needed the to know  that they are at 210 330 and 90 and than the, print radius or a little less thanthe actual print rad…
  • is the a way to tell if the heater cartridge is 24 or 12v i have a feeling i may have a 12v cartridge with a 24v power supply... bought it quite a while back and don't remember. thanks gary