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  • Thanks. Makes sense. 
  • That was it! the $ .  thanks. I will remove the cam from the port forward.
  • Yes the link did work in chrome. What I was saying is that when I looked at the debug window in chrome I didn't see anything that looked like html or mjpg, even though the image showed up fine. The link below should show you what I saw. I am probabl…
  • Well, I tried it in developer mode but dont seem to see either html or mjpg. I see the GET with the url I set and I see response headers but the "response" tab is blank. I must be missing something. I would paste a screen shot but I dont see how to …
  • I too have been battling this. Today I was able to locate the proper url for an http session for mjpg. I am using an amcrest ip3m-941. However, I think the login aspect is preventing me from using the url in repetier server. This link works when us…
  • In the default abort code I added a gcode for absolute positioning before doing the move to x0, y200. My guess is that it was in relative mode when I aborted.  ; Sample stop code - modify to your needs!M400 ; Wait for current moves to finish, clear…
  • Agreed. I will look deeper the next time I have an abort. 
  • SOLVED: After a ton of debugging I was able to determine that you must have text after the "@pause". If you dont the server will ignore the pause. However, if you run a gcode file that has the text after pause you can then run gcode files without te…
  • Although I fixed the webcam setup, and ran a following print that paused correctly, a subsequent print did not pause. So there is something else preventing the server from seeing the @pause. I confirmed that its in the gcode and that its in eth log.…