Ist es möglich die Soft (Win setupRepetierHost_2_2_2.exe, sowie  -_2_24.exe) erfolgreich auf WIN7 OFFLINE zu installieren? Mir gelang es nicht, nur eine Fehlermeldung, bei der Installation und beim Versuch die Icone auf dem Desk zu öffnen.


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  • I downloaded the prog., but the moment I swapped it on the USB-stick, I got informed, that several part couldn’t be copied, so that way can’t be a success. I have to try another way… Might be that I calibrate with my LAPTOP, but I shall not work…
  • Thanks a lot, I'll do that and keep you informed as soon as it will be done.
  • I set the picture and he pdf free. I think that must be ok now.
  • You're right, sorry. I think I need an adresse (that I have to enter for the picture and the file in google drive) from you to give it free for you.
  • Hello, I found a solution. This are an URLs where you can see the error-logs Thanks…
  • Hello, thanks a lot.That’s what I did, but the problem wasn't solved.I tried to enhance on this place 2 files without success. What must I do to enhance this 2 files to show you the errors?  
  • Hello, sorry but I only downloaded the prog. from the homepage with my LAPTOP, charged it on an USB-stick and swapped to the PC, I wanted to work with. That PC goes never online! After on, I started the installation. There is no other choice …