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  • Repetier Server addresses the issue like you described.  Host there is no work around that I can see.  I was not using Server but after I installed and toyed with it a bit I like and use it now.  I have a pc connected to my printers and have Repetie…
  • This is copied from the log window; 14:52:21.852 : ok T:55.7 /214.0 B:33.5 /60.0 T0:55.7 /214.0 T1:95.3 /0.0 T2:109.4 /0.0 F:100 R:100 @:0 B@:014:52:22.866 : ok T:56.1 /214.0 B:33.3 /60.0 T0:56.1 /214.0 T1:95.0 /0.0 T2:109.2 /0.0 F:100 R:100 @:0 B@:…
  • After some additional testing, the reported temperature fails on both laptops so this isn't a laptop hardware issue.  I did determine the issue with host.  The Geeetech A30T printer sends back three temperature readings when issued a M105 command.  …
  • when the issue arises, I've found shutting down Repetier Host but leaving the heaters on when asked to shut them down.  Then I relaunch Repetier Host and the correct temperature is displayed.  Still have to do more testing, but it looks like I have …
  • I'm new to multi-color printing.  For the A30T Geeetech has the color mixer program that basically edits the gcode for a layer color change.  How would one approach parts of a model to be printed with different color on the same layers.  Think of tw…
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