Need help reading Temperature in Raspbian

Hello folks,

I am building custom temperature display (+ But got a problem. I have no idea where to search or how to find current extruder/bed temperature values. I have printer connected to raspberry pi and got repetier server inside. Planning to get 

I don't think connecting straight to serial port is good idea... Also thinking about memory read? But maybe there is any simplier way?


  • I think the simple solution is to write a simple program in your favourite language taht uses the web-api the fronends also use, see

    For such simple tasks you only need the direct call, no websockets required. See "User websocket commands directly". The command you want is "stateList" without history. That gives you the temperatures for all extruders/beds soy ou can rotate or whatever you want. Just poll every second. More makes no sense as server does not poll more.
  • Sweet. It is exactly what I needed! Thanks
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