Feeder issue

Hi everyone, I have some problems with the server.
I have installed the Repetier server on Raspberry Pi3. There are three Ultimaker 2s which are connected to the Raspberry via usb. 
Then when I start printing some gcode thru the web-server interface it starts printing but the filament feeder moves faster than normal, and after 5,10 or 30 minutes the print job fails because the feeder gear eats the filament and it stops moving. I can print normal only with 50-55% of flow rate. If I use the same gcode files from the sd-card, everything works correct with 100% flow without any issues.
The strangest part is that if I start printing from the Repetier server after printing from the sd-card - it works correctly as well, with normal flow. And it continues working well for unlimited tasks sent thru the web until the 3d printer is turned off/on again. Then I must use the SD-card to send the first print job to reset things.
This issue happens in 100% of cases on all three of my ultimakers.
If its important info, in the gcode "Event depended" there is only:

M109 S215; heat extruder to 210 and hold
M190 S50; heat bed to 50 and hold
G28 ; home all
because it doesn't start heating without additional gcode

I also have another RPi3 and server connected to a few wanhao duplicators - all of them work great with the server.


  • I have no ultimaker so I can not say if they have a special thing here. On connect with server we send

    M220 S100
    M221 S100
    so setting flow multiplier to 100%. Apart from this we simply send same gcode without special modifications.
    So from your description sending from sd seems to make some changes that are required for correct print, 
    which we don't know about. A interesting test would be what happens if your gcode contains these commands at
    the beginning and you print from sd card. Would it then also over extrude?
  • Thanks for the answer.
    I found another solution that would probably be helpful for someone else.
    In the settings of 'Printers' (in Cura), you need to change the "Machine settings" - GCode flavor from 'UltiGCode' to 'RepRap Marlin' (standard GCode). After that, Cura will add all required settings to the gcode file to avoid this problem.
    This option is available in the new Cura (2.3) that was just released.  Update your version.
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