Custom Push Messages

Is it possible to setup custom push messages? The main one I am thinking of is to add a notification when the bed reaches temperature. My setup takes a long time for the bed to heat up when I am printing ABS, and a notification would be nice that it has reached the temp so I don't have to keep checking on it. Thanks!


  • You can if you use the Repetier-Server. Sounds like a good idea to add it to the next host release as well.

    In any case you have to put it some commands after bed heating as the server/host send more commands into the queue and it does not know which were already executed. So put it come 10 commands after heatup command. Adding dummy commands that have no effect liek G92 E0 is ok, you just need to fill the 127 byte input buffer.
  • Adding one more since it is related.

    Why not add a new hostcommand @notice ;
    I would like to do a pause to insert some nuts and would like to to:
    @notice Time to insert the nuts

    Or have the @pause command which already has the notice to both send it to the screen as well as a a push message.
    Could simply be a checkoption during print to have all @pause messages sent as a push message as well.
  • Just do
    @pause ; Time to insert the nuts

    You can set host/server to send push notifications on pause already.
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