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I want to connect my printer with the repetier server. I have to upload the configuration file to the server, but I don't know where to find the configuration file (and which file type it is). Does someone know where I can find the configuration file?


  • Uploading a config file is only if you have one, e.g. from a previous install to make it faster. If you don't have one add a printer using the wizard (Add new printer). There you tell port, baudrate and some more values. If you have recent repetier-firmware it will then read out the values fromfirmware. If not check the created configuration, especially bed position and size. The rest is more for better time prediction.
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    Thanks! Now I've got another problem: when I set the right baud rate and port in step 2 in "add a printer", I get this message:
    "No understandable response on this port. Please check baud rate and firmware".
     I'm sure it is not the baud rate; I've selected the right one, and after this message, I selected "autodetect", but that didn't help. I think it is the firmware, but how do you check/update it? When I select "install firmware" on this site, I have to fill in the whole configuration of the printer. I know a few things about the printer, but not that much as questioned.
    In your comment you also said I have to check the created configuration, but I can't find that either?
    And at last I was wondering: how do I check if I have the right firmware, or how do I update it? 
  • Guess you first should check what firmware you are using (or is there no firmware installed at all and you were supposed to do it yourself - normally only with kits and no with preassembled printers). If your printer has a lcd you could see it there and with repetier-firmware you can even see the baudrate in configuration->general.

    Created configuration would be Configuration.h in Repetier subdirectory when you download the sources. Your printer vendor should be able to give you the sources he used, at least if he uses a supported firmware as they are all GPLV3 licensed meaning the vendor has to give access to the used sources including all his changes and modifying the configuration is already such a change.
  • My printer has Firmware 0.92.9 (as I see the latest), but if I look in the configuration menu, I can change the baudrate. Standard it says it is -      1? I changed it in 115200 (the manufacturer says it is 115200), and tried to reconnect. But after I connect, it seems like the printer restarts, and the baud rate change back to -      1, and I get the message: "No understandable response on this port. Please check baud rate and firmware".

    If I want to connect with "serial connection", localhost says it is connected, but there is "1 Commands waiting". After a while I get the message: "Communication timeout - reset send buffer block", and it starts again.

    Is this a problem with the software, or do I have to contact the manufacturer?
  • If you change baudrate in lcd menu, you need to store eeprom settings after changing it (in configuration menu). After next reset it will then listen to the new baud rate.
  • Many thanks! That was the problem all the time!
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