Full printer control but will not print

 do not know what has happened but for some reason my installation of RS has stopped working. It was working perfectly fine for months then I take a completed print off and start a new one and it will not print. When I try to print from my web browser it now prints out "Preparring print..." then returns to the print window. Sometimes it will display this  for a few seconds but usually it is too quick to even see. It literally happened between prints. I have full function of the printer through RS still and I can still control every function. I ust will not initiate a print now. I can still print by USB and via the card slot.
I have it installed on a Raspberry Pi if that matters. I changed nothing on the printer, RP, or configurations to cause this.

Any ideas? Thanks

Below you can see (in red) the message that pops up then disappears instantly.



  • This might happen with a defective directory structure. Stop server and go to /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/__YOUR_PRINTER_SLUG__ and delete the contents of models and jobs subdirectory, then restart server. You will loose your stored gcodes, but afterwards it should work. If you don't want to delete all just delete jobs (waiting queue) and check in models if some model has not all files or a file has 0 byte. If you find it or the dir is not that full, send us a zip for analysing. So far no one getting the problem could send us a copy so we can find the real reason for this.
  • Hello and Thanks for the response.
    I have followed these steps and it has fixed the problem. My models directory had only a few files. My jobs directory about 500 Meg so I did not zip that up. I pulled 5 of the 0 byte files in there out and zipped it up if you want me to send those let me know the email address to send them to.

    Thanks again. I appreciate the help.

  • So somehow copying the model to job caused the creation of files with 0 byte. That may be the reason as we expect some content. Could it be that your sd card was full so there was no space to copy the files?

    Did the 5 0 files belong together or are some files of a model with length and some not?
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