Printed holes much smaller

Why printed holes are much smaller than are on 3d element?
I have tried this settings in advanced - XY Size Compensation.
And in real I get larger holes but problem is because I get also smaller printed item.
Holes are smaller for about 0.27 mm
What can I do so I don't need in any 3D drawing calculate those 0.27 mm in holes?


  • This is a problem of dragging the filament inside the hole while moving on it. Smaller layer heights and slower outer perimeter prints help here I guess. Apart from this slicer needs to compensate or you need bigger holes in original. This is a problem since the beginning. Slic3r allows setting a separate speed for small perimeters (holes).
  • I have 0.1 mm layer and slow moving but still.
    Thanks for advice.
  • I think there should be settings in slicer to put value for compensation of holes.
  • Tell it to the creators of slic3r. We only bundle with it, but do not develop it.

    But it not that easy to detect holes as a hole is a list of triangles in reality. Only that fact already decreases diameter. So even with perfect print it would not fit since the stl exporter go inside the circle with their triangles.
  • Thank you for answer I already tried that. But now I have switched to slicer, works better faster and holes are almost right dimensions.
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