Webcam tab along with control tab

I have used (and still using to be honest) octoprint for a very long time and there are some things that I like a lot.
One of them is the fact that you can control the printer while watching the live streaming.  
Probably you should think of merging the Control and Webcam tabs in one.  It is much more convenient to have it there in my opinion.


  • We have a plan to extend the preview image on the right. Then with a click you can switch between preview and webcam, also webcam image is smaller so it still all fits on one screen without scrolling.
  • I would also like this feature! (comming from octopi, I really miss this! 
  • From 0.70 on we have a webcam in the right sidebar if your window is wide enough.
  • I would suggest making the same webcam in the right sidebar available on the commands tab as well.  When it's doing auto bed leveling, I want to see the values output in the console, but would like to watch it at the same time.  If I switch to the webcam tab, I miss any console data coming in.
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