Too small feed rates for second extruder


when I want to print with my dual extruder printer, the first extruder works very well, while the second extruder doesn't work, because Slic3r produces far too small feed rates in the gcode. While the first extruder feeds over 10mm filament, the second extruder feeds only 0.5mm for the same geometry.
I use two different filament configurations for both extruders, but with the same values, and even if I choose the same configuration, Slic3r produces wrong feed rates.
Which settings could I change to adapt that feed rate? I have changed filament diameter, extrusion multiplier and nozzle diameter but nothing changed, are there any hidden settings that could explain this?



  • Filament diameter and multiplier are the 2 factors influencing it on the slicer side. On firmware side you have steps per mm for each extruder, so check that it is set correctly. Also flow multiplier changes it but then for first extruder as well. But if slic3r produces to small E values the problem is on slicer side. For me it seems to return correct values as 2 extruder output worked.
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