Working directory for timelapse configurable


As you know, printing may require long time. The effect I notice is that timelapse capturing images require a huge space in local disk (I use raspberry). In many cases free disk space reduces to just 200MB or, in bad cases to 100MB. This create big problem to Raspberry OS.

The request is to promote working directory for webcam, timelapse and all tools needed (ffmpeg, capturing and converting video) to a tunable diretory just in Global Configuration (like ffmpeg library).




  • Just one other point.

    In this way, the tunable directory may be configured to use External USB storage so  timelapse doesn't waste OS disk space and we can create more accurate video for long time 3D printing too.

  • just forgot one other solution. Since we talk about linux you could use a link to the external device for that directory instead of moving the whole storage directory. Also if I had a external disk always on I'd move storage directory as it can contains also other stuff getting big, also not as big as timelapse videos.
  • ok.

    I know I can do it but, I think, a tunable directory will be a smart and effective solution.

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