Version 92.6, pushing Encoder with SparkLCD does not work any more

I did some modifications to my sparkcube printer and after that tried to update the firmware. I used the configuration.h from version 92.2 to create new firmware with the configuration tool. Everything works except the pushing of the encoder. Dialing the encoder works, but pushing it does nothing at all. Encoder and Display by the sparklab.


  • In ui.h line 1671

    #define UI_ENCODER_CLICK 37

    defines the pin. It is the second after the 4 pin header if you check the pin layout of radds. Have no pinout from the lcd but since these values came from vincent directly I guess they are correct. So maybe a hardware defect? Have you checked with multimeter between gnd and 37 (gnd is just before 37) if hitting the button closes circuit? Maybe also only a bad solder.

  • It is not hardware, with the older version of the firmware clicking works. Just not with 92.6...

    in line 1671, UI_ENCODER_CLICK is set to 37 if feature_controller == controller_sparklcd (line 1621)

    in pins.h, line 180, ORIG_E3_ENABLE_PIN is set to 37 if motherboard == 402 (radds)

    I think this is done for angelos extension board, but both the extention board and the lcd use the same pins.
  • Yes, both use same pin and E4 even uses more pins from the extension port. But as long as you do not have 4 extruders defined, that pin will not be used for that pin and should not interfere. And since you have no extension board connectied having the display it should b eno problem, or do you have it in use?
  • No, the extension board is not in use. I want to use it later, I am waiting for vinmicgra to release his solution for using both the extension and his display.
    But why is it not working then? If i use the firmware v92.2, everything works just fine. When I use the configuration.h from the working firmware to create a new one v92.6 with the online config tool (download complete files, not just new config), pushing the encoder does nothing, turning works. It seems not to be hardware related.
  • Just got a hint on it. It was in HAL.cpp where I set it for some debugging things and forgot to remove it. Should now work with latest version.
  • Very cool, I will try to install new firmware when the kids are in bed.
  • Two thumps up, it is working now. Thank you! 
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