Integration of "Duet3D Magnetic Filament Monitor


is it possible in any way to integrate / use some sensor like the Duet3D Magnetic Filament monitor for clog detection with repetierserver?
Unfortunately only while printing from SD the sensing is active in RRF. Is there any workaround to have this kind of clog detection while prining with repetier server?

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  • For next update I have already added it I think. At least for RRF 3.4 I added a trigger when we see filament sensor trigger message. Works already for usb connection. For DCS the message is not send so need some other solution I have already an idea for as we can see object model filament state. Just need to detect the change here.
  • How do you made it work that RRF displays a message when it detects filament runout? Afaik RRF is only monitoring this when actively printing via SD card.
  • When we create a filemant sensor like this:
    M591 D0 P2 C"" S1
    We see a message like this:
    Recv:8:54:28.166: - Event notification -
    Recv:8:54:28.166: Filament error on extruder 0: noFilament

    Don't have a sensor but that is what happens when I add the command and a user told me this would work, so I added his solution.

    I think this always worked just if you are not printing with sdcard rrf does not care to prevent moves and expect host software to stop.
  • Hi,

    As of version 3.5.0-rc.1, it is possible to set the parameter S to 2. I have also set parameter A to 1.
    The current tests look promising. The sensor values are now also displayed for non-SD printing.
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