bed and extruder temp will not change AT ALL

hello, i have been trying to print however the temperature keep getting set to numbers that are way to high for my filament. i have changed the slicer configuration, changed in in config -> printer settings, even changing the temperature while its heating up with manual control. but nothing works, im stumped and tired of stopping a print after hours because it got messed up or looked bad. please help as i don't wand to waste more filament on garbage.


  • So set values are too high if I understand you right. These are set by the slicer so only the slicer settings are relevant. Save slicer settings and in host make sure to select the filament profiles with the correct temperature and slice. Without reslicing nothing will change of course.

    Afterwards open g-code editor and search for M104 and M140 to verify they contain your temperatures. If they do print should also use them, except you have set some offsets for temperature in host (or server if you are printing over  Repetier-Server ). In server there was a bug in offset so make sure in that case to have latest release 1.4.1 so it is sure yo do not suffer that issue.
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    hello, i am not quite sure what you are saying to do. im not that good with 3D printers so i cant mess around with the G code without fear of messing something up, i am also using an old version of repetier host (~2018) and afraid to update because we had difficulties setting everything up and calibrating and we don't want to do it again, i am incredibly sorry if this complicates this. also, i explained my problem poorly in my original post, this is the full problem:

    when i start the print, even if all the temperature settings i can find are set to the correct temperatures for my filament (PLA) and everything is saved as those temperatures, it goes up to the wrong temperatures and even shows the wrong ones on the manual controller and on the physical LCD screen on my printer.
  • The issue is that the set temperature of extruder only gets changed by M109 and M104. So if printer suddenly changes target temperatures such a command must have been send. Hence my suggestion to search for them in the created g-code to be sure they are not in the code you send.

    Now if we assume they are all ok, where should it come from. We normally do not add temperature changes so if it does not come from you or some scripts added and with 2018 I assume you also have no  Repetier-Server running for printing? - it is hard to say. I suggest activating logging and when it happens check the log file around that time. You see in M105 responses set temperature after the /  compared to active temperature. Question is if set temperature also gets up and what got send to set it higher. When you see it in log the source might be easier to locate. 
  • Hey there. I do have the same problem, although I have noticed a slight difference. 

    In my case, although I set the bed temp in Prusa Slicer to be 65C, it ignores it and goes to 115C on multiple different prints. See my Prusa Slicer Code and note that the temperature is correctly set:

    ; Initial setups
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    M83 ; extruder relative mode
    M220 S100 ; reset speed factor to 100%
    M221 S100 ; reset extrusion rate to 100%

    ; Set the heating
    M190 S65 ; wait for bed to heat up
    M104 S200 ; start nozzle heating but don't wait

    ; Home
    G1 Z3 F3000 ; move z up little to prevent scratching of surface
    G28 ; home all axes
    G1 X3 Y3 F5000 ; move to corner of the bed to avoid ooze over centre

    ; Wait for final heating
    M109 S200 ; wait for the nozzle to heat up
    M190 S65 ; wait for the bed to heat up

    So as you can see it's not the the slicing. What I noticed to be different, is that when you change the temp after the print has started (I am using Repetier Server), it looks that it is not changing the target temp, but it actually does, but by the time you see it dropping significantly, the 2nd layer starts and then the temp is reset to 115C. 

    If you manually change the value on the server platform enough times it eventually sticks after the 2nd or 3rd layer. 

    So any ideas?

    Many thanks for your time !!

  • Please check first in Printer Menu->Printer Setup if you have set a temperature offser. This is tu use same gcod eon different machinse which have some deviation and need extra temp. This gets added to temperatures you want to send with M190/M109/M104/M140

    Otherwise if this is already zero activate logging and check when it gets send wrong to see where it comes from.
  • Thank you so much for your advice! That was it.

    If I may say this is a silly setting to have as default though. Now I set it to 0C and I will have another go. I'll keep you posted!
  • So no problems so far! After I made the offset 0C, it's printing marvelously!
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