push messages via callmebot and signal

hi there,

I'm trying to integrate RS along with using push messages using Signal.  I followed the callmebot instructions to generate an API key to send messages to my device, and Repetier server keeps complaining "error fetchTextFromWeb: unknown scheme in uri "https://signal.callmebot.com/signal/send.php?phone=5f574b7b-04bb-486c-a64a-e2c1d21bd2de&apikey=398988&text=Test message from Repetier-Server 1.4.12"

if i type the URI into my browser, it sends a message correctly

i notice that RS is adding quotation marks or slashes to the URI sometimes

Can you point me in the right direction to solve this problem? 



  • As the message says, the uri is invalid. For example spaces are not allowed and need to be replaced be %20 which we do for you if you add the text placeholder. I think crome would do the replacement for you so it works then.
  • the copy and paste seen above did include %20, it just displayed differently

    I insist that there's something internally wrong with how RS handles these push messages. 


    the above works in my browser (firefox), but not in RS
  • Ok, could reproduce it. Was caused from a bug that added quotes around the url. If you check it now you will see the quotes. You must update to 1.4.13 and remove the quotes.

    During testing it did not work, but now the error came from callmebot telling me the request timed out but apikey was correct. Maybe it is already fixed when you see this. But at least now we are sending it.
  • yay it works now, thank you
  • Good afternoon! I have a somewhat similar issue.

    I just set up call me bot to send me push messages on my WhatsApp. Although it sends me successfully the rest message, it doesn't send me the actual notifications for starting/stopping/finishing/pausing etc while I have activated their respective toggles on the global settings.

    Any ideas on this?
  • I just noticed. It's a function only supported in pro. I have light. Apologies.
  • Light should be able to use it the same way. Just tested it and it worked, but I noticed that the free messages are limited in count so if you have exceeded the number. Also please check server.log for messages from the service when it fails, it might contain a reason and also ensure you have enabled at the top the events to send messages and the 3rd party plugin.
  • Good morning! Thank you for the answer, unfortunately all the settings seem to be correct. As for the log, I am not sure where to find that. Lastly, I am still receiving only test messages.

    In the push messages settings it does say Pro Licence is required. Is this not true?
  • You are right it is in deed blocked for light version, but that was not planned. Will be removed in next release.
  • Oh thanks for clarifying.

    Any idea if I can use repetier informer for free if I have purchased light version? Until the callmebot is fixed for the light version that is.
  • no informer is only available through app store and not free. But as said callmebot is also not free as it seems and more expensive in the end.

    Anyhow in 2 days you can use the nightly install if you use linux (see faq on how to install) which will have the fix included by then.
  • Good morning! Thank you for your response. I don't use Linux,but windows 11. Is there an update coming for this too?
  • WIndows update gets only reguar updates, so you have to wait for 1.4.16 to appear. I think in maybe 2 weeks if I get no serious issues with current development and testing we will release it.
  • Oh that's great. Many thanks for this!
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