Help - Can't connect to my Server

edited August 2023 in Repetier-Server
Something happened yesterday that is blocking my access to the server.
The server is running, and working -LOCALLY- 
I can Ping the Server's IP fine
I can remotely connect to its desktop
I can copy files to and from its drives

But I can't open the remote webpage to send jobs and view the status of my printers.
I get a "Time Out" error...

I removed the Microsoft Updates that happened in the last few days
I re-installed Repetier 1.4.10
I checked to make sure it was actually listening to the Port and it is.  ( says its listening to [::]3344 )
I have rebooted several times

What do I check next?


  • Did you already check in windows services if repetier-server is actually running?

    When you say working locally you mean on that pc it is reachable and full gui appears and not from others in same network? That would normally be your firewall blocking port 3344 from outside the pc.
  • Well, some antivirus software can block network connection, you can also try it by disabling antivirus software. 
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