Cant remove deactivated printer

On version 1.4.10 I have deactivated a printer. When I then go to the deactivated printer section and click remove it does nothing.


  • If this is a klipper printer you must first uninstall the klipper installation for it. When the klippe rfolder exists in /opt/klipper/<slug? deleting it will not work.
  • Its not. I cant remove Marlin ones either.
  • Is there an error message in server.log? 
    On which os do you have the problem? In windows sometimes files can be locked prventing delition. Then try after a reboot. You can also always delete the config file in STORAGE_DIR/configs and delete printer data in STORAGE_DIR/printers/<SLugname> when server is down. That is more or less what delete printer does anyway, just when deleting fails it would not delete it - or if it sees a klipper installation with it's slug name regardless of the fact you switched it to marlin.
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