Repetier Server Connection closed by os during print

I had a timeout it seems on Repetier Server and when it continued it didnt resume properly:

Mesg:7:19:20.928: Connection closed by os during print ... trying reconnect for 10 seconds to continue ...
Mesg:7:19:28.256: Dtr: true Rts: true
Mesg:7:19:28.257: Connection continued
Send:7:19:28.268: M117 Layer 819/1029
Send:7:19:28.268: N649952 G1 X130.718 Y163.196 E16.14235
Recv:7:19:30.301: echo:V88 stored settings retrieved (656 bytes; crc 25792)
Recv:7:19:30.304: Unified Bed Leveling System v1.01 active
Recv:7:19:30.361: Mesh loaded from slot 0
Recv:7:19:30.363: Mesh 0 loaded from storage.
Mesg:7:19:32.270: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
Mesg:7:19:32.270: Connection status: Buffered:63, Manual Commands: 0, Job Commands: 5000
Mesg:7:19:32.270: Buffer used:63 Enforced free byte:41 lines stored:2
Send:7:19:32.270: N649953 G1 X128.7 Y165.214 E16.23895
Send:7:19:32.271: N649954 G1 X126.682 Y163.196 E16.33555
Recv:7:19:35.394: Testing X connection... OK
Recv:7:19:35.406: Testing Y connection... OK
Recv:7:19:35.417: Testing Z connection... OK
Recv:7:19:35.428: Testing Z2 connection... OK
Recv:7:19:35.439: Testing E connection... OK
Recv:7:19:36.001: echo:SD card ok
Recv:7:19:36.067: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 0
Recv:7:19:36.067: Resend: 1
Recv:7:19:36.070: Ignore due to resend: ok
Recv:7:19:36.074: Ignore due to resend: ok
Recv:7:19:36.086: Waiting for resend requests finished. Starting resends ...

As you can see from the logs it isnt setting the temperature:
Send:7:19:45.533: N88 G1 X135.865 Y162.935 E24.33777
Recv:7:19:45.600:  T:204.46 /0.00 B:53.86 /0.00 @:0 B@:0

As such after a while it fails due to:
Recv:7:20:38.246: echo: cold extrusion prevented

I assume my pi restarted or the server restarted but tbh idve rather it abandon the job than continue and waste filament and not tell me so that I can fix it.


  • You have set server to continue print after reconnect if it comes back within 10 seconds. This seems to trigger a reset on your printer so you must disable that feature, so print stops on disconnect instead. Unfortunately this is not possible on all printers.

    Problem is that linux or usb hub (internal or external) encountered issues with usb connection (EMI from printer, undervoltage) likely. What server version are you using? Newer versions put some infos from syslog in print log when this happens, but I do not see it.
  • I was on 1.3.0 ive now upgraded. I saw no undervoltage errors. I use a proper power supply and the printer is the only one connected to the pi at the moment. However it had been on for 19 days straight so maybe it ran out of memory or something.

    Ill see if the newer version works better. Ive also now disabled the setting under the printer settings in repetier server.
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