Printer gets stuck on print


My printer is getting stuck on the print and keeps moving after it is stopped. i am using a raspberry pi 4B with repetier server 1.30.
i have 4 ender 3 printers connected last week it worked fine and now i have 3 printers with problems. 2 of them getting stuck. and one moving trough the print when its done destroying the top of the print.

Do you have a solution?


  • > stuck on the print and keeps moving 
    what do you mean with that? If it is stuck it can not move in my understanding. If just extrusion is stuck it is no server issue but more likely a clogged extruder or you have somehow from relative to absolute extrusion mode so E values cause no move any more. 
  • the stepper keeps turning and skips (its not the extruder)
  • and the other printers pause between every line they make after 1 of the printers has an error

  • If printer motor skips steps it should be firmware/printer issue since firmware takes care to keep speeds/acceleration within limits.

    If you mean it makes pauses between lines send it might be a communication issue and you need to enable the print log and see what is going on exactly. At first you should try activating ping pong mode to make it easier to analyse and also because some printers can not handle parallel sending well as soon as a problem happens. If it now happens in ping pong mode log is also easier to interpret and you see at the time where it starts what is going on.

    You can check in parallel in console if all filters are disabled, but it is limited to last x lines so might miss the time where it starts, so better activate logging for analysis.

    Printers are handled in sepatate threads so normally do not influce each other. Exception would be if the pi disables usb due to emf issues, then it will disconnect all connected to the hub that gets disabled until reconnect. But that  would also be visible in log and even in console.
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