Printer freezes while printing

Good afternoon

Please help to find the cause of the problem.
The server runs on a PC with Ubuntu, the latest version. Several printers are connected, some of them work absolutely adequately. All printers are Ultimaker 2.
One of the printers has a freezing problem, regularly. When printing from the SD card, everything works correctly. When printing from Cura via USB - everything works correctly.


  • I think your communication timeout with 2 seconds is much too low. 3 is minimum if firmware supports busy protocol meaning it tells server when it is busy during slow commands. But Marlin 1.0.0 does not know this, so timeout must be higher then longest move  you expect. Anytime a move takes longer then timeout you will otherwise get a timeout. Try 30s and it should reduce to a much lower value of timeouts - only when you really have transmission errors.
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