temperature tower

Salve, qualcuno potrebbe suggerirmi dove posso trovare una spiegazione chiara per la gestione wizards della torre di temperatura?


  • You need to have a gcode with constant temperature over height. Store it in the gcodes list and click on summary in dropdown to get the model ID of that gcode.

    What the wizard does is take the model with that ID entered in Temp Tower G-Code ID and change the temerature every segment size mm so it increases in steps from start to end Temperature.

    E.g. you have a stl with 10 repeatet overhang/bridge tests that is 100mm heigh, so segment size is 10mm and you can have 10 different temperatures. Starting with 180 you can go up to 225 in 5 degree steps.

    You can also add parameters for head to wait at the side until next temperature is reached. 

    Hit start print and it will start the print and add temperature modifications automatically on the fly. That way you only need one model and can print it with different ranges.
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