Repetier-Host communication problem: multiple waiting commands

Hello, i've a discontinuous communication on RH in Linux Mint 21.
When connected to my printer the software seems waiting OK response back from Marlin so the manual control stats bar tab shows a number of command waiting to be executed and little to no communication logs scrolling down.
If i send some manual ok waiting commands are sended however there is an inconsistent communication keep waiting randomly.

Scanning for serial port params i've detected an IGNBRK flag configured by default by RH on connection start.
My solution is removing that flag (stty -F <port> -ignbrk) then communication works as intended.


  • I wonder why it should be set. In C# we use handshake none which should delete flag. Unfortuantely no direct control here.

    If you are not using 115200 baud we also call SetBaudrate where we have
      ios.c_iflag &= ~(IGNBRK | BRKINT | PARMRK | ISTRIP | INLCR | IGNCR | ICRNL | IXON);

    so should be removed from this as well.

    What baud  rate were you using and are you sure it was set?
  • Yes, seems it shouldn't  be set (-ignbrk disable the flag) or at least works for me anyway I'm certainly be using 115200 baudrate.

    This flag is disabled connecting from Cura usb manual control and communication is flawless, no movements and commands missed, but i dont want to use it, too much limited interface.

    For info, i'm using RH from Linux mint 21 official repository running on, obviously, linux mint 21.

  • Do you have brltty installed? It seems to be installed on newer ubuntu like versions and interpheres with serial connoctions. When they appear it tries to connect making it hard for  Repetier-Server to connect. Will in any case check for next release that the flag is deactivated for linux as I agree that is what it should be. And I had no complaints the last 12 years so maybe a 3rd party software is interfering. But better check then having wrong assumptions also I already removed brltty on ubuntu 22.
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