CRASH? Server won't let me connect, gives C++ code as response.

I apparently corrupted something.
When I try to connect, I get:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<storage-directory>D:\Repetier Server Stuff</storage-directory>
<!--  To prevent clickjacking we should disallow embedding in iframes  -->
<!-- If you want to add your own SSL certificates, please enter here the directory where your certificate is stored. Note: only certificates with the extension .pem will be considered -->

I have re-installed server and it SEEMS happy, and didn't loose any of my devices, but I would like to know what happened


  • This -SEEMS- to be a problem for the 2nd or 3rd logon to a session.  The FIRST one seems to login OK, but any further logins, like from a remote computer or want to put up 2printers side by side, fails...

    What did I do?
  • The file has no style information connected, just plain xml. Did you get the message in browser or in server log? Server should not complain and it looks ok so far I can see.

    Do you get a interface for remote connection? If not you did not use the intranet ip or the firewall might be blocking it. Make sure port 3344 from external ip is not blocked.

    On same computer it should be no problem especially if you can login once. Are you using login/password? Can not say whats wrong directly since I have always open multiple windows without issues, so you should check javascript console in browser for messages that might help (right click inspect element and then select console tab).

    Also what does fail mean exactly - what do you see, what happened? Which browser are you using?
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