Project Thumbnails being ignored (since 1.4.7?)

currently we use 1.46 on our machines. I test-installed 1.49 now on another machine and uploaded one of our projects, which is always a zip file with gcodes and one png which is used as thumbnail for the project. With 1.46 the image was automatically used as a thumbnail/preview image, but with 1.49 it does not anymore but uses one of the gcode previews.

We use the image as a quick overview for the project, so for us this is super inconvenient. Is this behaviour intended?


  • Preview becomes the first file analysed that has an associated image. Since 1.4.7 gcodes render images as well so that can in deed happen. You still can mark the image as preview, but preview selection was always first with image. Only thing that helped you was that gcodes did not get preview before 1.4.7.

    If you export projects as .rsproj it should keep the preview, but I guess the zip you talk about is self made. Also if preview image gets deleted the search order is 3d file, gcode image and then first image. 
  • but I guess the zip you talk about is self made.
    Yup. I solved it for now by simply having the thumbnails filename starting with 00_.... so that is is always the first file within the zip. Looks like this will work.

  • Hi again, so while my workaround (renaming image files starting with 00_) worked up to 1.4.9, it does not anymore with the changes that you introduced in 1.4.10, which is a big downside for us. Even selecting the image and manually setting it as preview image does not work anymore, but we would rather have it automatic.

    Is there another potential workaround or maybe a chance for you to fix this?
    Thanks for your assistance
  • I need to look into it in detail. Already saw that there seems to be  a bug due to the delayed computation not marking images as rendered so they can not be selected. Was no intention and will be fixed in next release. Not sure if this also prevents the automatic selection or if it changed due to adding delayed conversion which might bring it to different behaviour.

    Since all is quite shaky as it just depends on how it is processed, I guess I will make a special image filename preview.png or preview.jpg to be forced as preview on import. That should also fix cases where zip does not order files by name which is what is needed to work that way.
  • Ok, i have fixed it for next release and on pi dev it is already included. I also made the preview.png/jpg preference, so with this it should be no problem any more.
  • Thank you! Much appreciated :)
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