Can't change z min pos

repetier server 1.4.8 - Hephaestus-76
repetier host v2.3.1

I have an old Davinici printer (yea I know) that I had to replace the nozzle on. Since no OEM parts are available, I had to use an aftermarket part. I have to change the z min position.

I am currently using a serial connection. I was able to send an M205 command to verify a response from the printer. I can modify the Z settings in EEPROM(z min pos and z probe height), and I can see them send in the log, but when I hit Z home, it ignores my Z new min, which I'm guessing will create substantial problems when I try to calibrate in the future.

Is the Z position not being written correctly to the firmware? Or is there another setting I need to change?


  • So you are usings the reptier firmware fork for davinci?

    It also sounds like you have a z probe and if you home using z probe you should keep z min at 0. Only z probe height needs to be adjusted to new distance and all should be ok. Use the eeprom editor in server to change the setting. M205 will just show while M206 sets it, but you also must save it to eeprom to make it permanent which the editor takes care of.
  • That didn't work.

    I need to clarify this printer's setup since not all printers use the same design. The nozzle for this printer only moves in the x and y dimensions. The deck starts at the top of its z range, then moves down as successive layers are added. The new nozzle sits at 190(estimated), while the deck starts at 200. When I try to start a print, the nozzle is banging off the side of the deck. How do I change the top z value so that it will default to a lower position?
  • If I understand you correctly the new nozzle is 10mm shorter and you use a z switch to move it at z max. Now you move down and still have 10mm space.
    Check M119 output and if it gives output for z max that is the case. What you need to do in that case is just increase z height by 10 mm.

    z probe height is in case you have a sensor on extruder to measure bed distance. Do you have that at all? Cause there would be gcode to measure z height from this as well. Only for that case adjusting z probe height would help as the probing than changes z height.
  • Closer, but backwards. The new nozzle is not 10mm shorter than the deck, it is 10mm longer. Since the nozzle is too long, it is crashing into the side of the deck.

    My EEPROM has the following settings-
    z min pos = -0.99.2  changed to 25
    z max length = 200
    z probe height = .540, changed to 26
    max z probe - bed dist. (negative value?) = 5

    If I could get the nozzle on top of the deck, I would be able to alter the z probe height. I can't get the nozzle onto the deck because it isn't recognizing a the new z min pos. The deck keeps going back to zero, even though the new value shows up in the eeprom and the display.

    M119 returns the following -
    19:56:53.320 : endstops hit: x_min:H y_min:L z_min:H Z-probe state:L
    19:56:55.436 : N245 M105*36
    19:56:58.509 : N246 M105*39
    19:57:01.578 : N247 M105*38
    19:57:04.648 : N248 M105*41
    19:57:07.717 : N249 M105*40
    19:57:10.739 : N250 M105*32
    19:57:13.836 : N251 M105*33
    19:57:16.908 : N252 M105*34
    19:57:19.914 : wai
    19:57:20.016 : N253 M105*35
    19:57:23.079 : N254 M105*36
    19:57:26.194 : N255 M105*37

    Any ideas?
  • You still did not mention if z probe and z end stop are the same! Since you home to z min as it seems I also wonder why it starts with extruder far away from bed after homing. Or is that just start because you move to high z position at end of print? Because in this config you just home to z min and z height is not relevant or automatically retrievable.

    Now if extruder is 10mm longer the z probe height reduces 10mm which is I guess not possible if the sign changes! Probe must trigger before hitting bed with nozzle. If that does not happen you must lower z probe to make it work again. Only then calibration can work at all. Wonder why you can home at all at the moment if this is the case.

    If you have a physical z endstop and not using probe for homing zou must change trigger height so it triggers 10mm earlier. You can add a extra move after homing to adjust z after that triggered but z should not trigger during printing so that would only be ok if you trigger lower than noyyle level and need to go up for z=0.
  • Now we're getting some where. Sorry I'm just a construction worker trying to fix this for his kid, so I don't understand some of these values. My eeprom only shows the z values I listed above. I had no idea there is "z end stop." This link is similar to the problem we are discussing.

    It shows a script with this command

    #define Z_PROBE_PIN 63

    Is there a way to query that value to see what it is set to currently before I change it?

    Looks like we want

    #define Z_MIN_PIN (number)

    Same question, can I query this value before I change it in case I have to set it back to the original value?

  • The way to query it is read your configuration.h file and search for it. 63 is just the example, where you connected it really depends on board and place used.

    Are you using this

    which is the only reptier based DaVinci solution I know of? From this all have a z probe
    #define Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0

    #if DAVINCI > 0
    #define FEATURE_Z_PROBE true
    #define Z_PROBE_PIN 117
    #define FEATURE_Z_PROBE false
    #define Z_PROBE_PIN -1
    #define Z_PROBE_PULLUP 1
    #define Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH 0
    #define Z_PROBE_X_OFFSET 0
    #define Z_PROBE_Y_OFFSET 0
    #define Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE 5.0 // Higher than max bed level distance error in mm

    // Waits for a signal to start. Valid signals are probe hit and ok button.
    // This is needful if you have the probe trigger by hand.
    /** Speed of z-axis in mm/s when probing */
    #define Z_PROBE_SPEED 1
    #define Z_PROBE_XY_SPEED 30
    #define Z_PROBE_SWITCHING_DISTANCE 5 // Distance to safely switch off probe after it was activated
    #define Z_PROBE_REPETITIONS 1 // Repetitions for probing at one point. 
    /** The height is the difference between activated probe position and nozzle height. */
    #if MODEL==0
    #define Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 0.28
    #define Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 0.54

    The original DaVinci is not using our firmware. This is only when someone hacked it to use that firmware.

  • A couple of things. The server and host versions are at the very beginning of this post. I also tried getting repetier host to run on a linux system, but couldn't get it to connect. Unfortunately, in more recent versions of windows, (like the system I am currently serial connecting to the printer) there is no config.h file. For some reason, this was moved to a series of registry keys, so I still don't have a Z_PROBE_PIN value.

    I did cruise through regedit looking for the value, but none of that made any sense to me. I can send a screen shot of it if you think that would help.

    So if I can't query the Z_PROBE_PIN... what exactly is this value? Could I just try running the script above and reassigning the pin value?
  • Host/Server are irrelevant for this issue. We are only talking about the printer configuration. They are only used to communicate or the change eeprom settings, but configuration of firmware does not depend on it.

    Not sure if we are thinking the same for pin numbers. I thought we were talking about correct pin number and these are in configuration.h file not in any registry. They must match the hardware connected so if z probe is connected to pin 63 it is ok - my comment wa smore that this is the value used in explaination and is likely different for the davinci printer.

    If you just want to check if the pin is high or low send
    to query end stop state. It shows the state of configured end stops. 
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