High CPU Usage on Repetier Server Pro 1.4.9

License: Repetier-Server Pro
Version: 1.4.9
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6
Printers: 20
System load average: 3.55, 3.49, 2.14

Today I noticed an unusual high CPU load. Even with all printers on idle. A system reboot didn't solve the problem. The process RepetierServer occupies 300% CPU, 3 of my 4 available CPU cores. I downgraded back to version 1.4.4 and CPU usage went back to the usual 20% CPU usage. Basically idle. I don't see something unusual in the logs.

Any ideas?


  • In such cases better go to troubleshooting to see what it does. Upgrading may trigger updating derived data and depending on how many files you have this may take some time. Especially projects with gcodes would now trigger computing preview images for them which is a new feature.

    You should also see x open slow operations appear after a while and as long as this number goes down it is just working on that queue.
  • I did the upgrade to 1.4.9 on Feb 23rd and noticed the issue by luck just yesterday because of the fan noice coming from my Intel NUC running Repetier-Server.

    To check if there are running tasks I just upgraded back again to 1.4.9 and it says "No Tasks Running". The CPU load was back to 300% but after some minutes the load went back to normal. The usual 20%. So maybe the issue resolved itself by doing the upgrade once again. I keep an eye on it.
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